New York City's Copper Kettle Kitchen Totally Nails Pierogis and Other Comfort Foods

After thorough searching, we discovered the Upper East Side's new neighborhood eatery that serves locally sourced comfort foods

The restaurant offers a fresh seasonal menu of American bistro fare in a casual and inviting setting.

A few weeks ago, I had a craving for authentic pierogis; unfortunately, they are hard to come by in mainstream New York City restaurants.

Instead, I tried my hand at making some frozen pockets in a pan, and it was a disaster. They were such a far cry from the ones my dad used to deep-fry and serve with sautéed onions and applesauce every couple of weeks back when I was a kid. 

Fortunately, last week, there they were, on the menu at Copper Kettle Kitchen. We ordered, and almost immediately they were placed right in front of us. It was magic: perfectly fried pockets of potato served with — of course — sautéed onions and applesauce, practically plucked from my childhood.

The restaurant’s entire menu is designed to satisfy a range of tastes, divided into five categories: Dips and Flats for the Table, Greens Grains, Daily Presses (sandwiches), Comforts, and Features for Two, all of which are ideal for grazing and sharing.

If you’re starting with a dip, try the butternut squash with creamy mascarpone cheese and candied walnuts; and if you’re going in for a flatbread, I’d recommend the one made with wild mushroom, goat cheese, and truffle oil. We also enjoyed the grilled octopus with giant al dente Corona beans, red onion, preserved lemon, and the “meatless” eggplant meatballs, which were delicious.

Luckily, we were smart enough to leave room for dessert. We had a grand old time making our way through the Kettle Float. This delight is made with vanilla semifreddo, cream soda, and served with chocolate chip cookies.


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