Oreos Are Getting Even More 'Stuf' In Their Cookies

If you're big fan of big Oreos, your life is about to get a whole lot better. Double Stuf Oreos will no longer be the biggest chocolate sandwich cookie on the market. After the Instagram snack rumor mill reported a Most Stuf Oreo was coming to stores soon, Oreo confirmed the news.

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Oreo told The Daily Meal that the Most Stuf Oreo is coming to stores in 2019.

The massive new cookie was first found by snack food Instagrammer @thejunkfoodaisle. Their post includes what they claim is an actual product photo featuring two massive Oreos. We're no Oreo scientists, but this looks not like just a Double Stuf, but perhaps triple or quadruple the Stuf.

When the Most Stuf Oreo comes to stores near you, it'll just be the latest and greatest innovation from our favorite sandwich cookie manufacturer. In recent months, Oreo has announced it's moving to sustainable cocoa, dropped a festive Mickey Mouse birthday cookie and introduced some truly outrageous flavors overseas. And while you're at the store picking up a box of whatever seasonal Oreo you prefer, be sure to grab the best store-bought chocolate chip cookies.