Vanilla Ice Cream, Peach And More Of The Most Popular Flavors In Every State

Summer is in full swing, which means more and more people are looking for ways to cool down. And what better way to do so than with ice cream? The frozen treat is a crowd-favorite during warmer weather, and each state seems to crave something a little different. Across the country, these are the top uniquely searched ice cream flavors using Google in each state over the past 30 days.

Alabama: Peach ice cream

Alabamans are enjoying their official state tree fruit in a nice, cool peach ice cream.

Alaska: Peach ice cream

The Last Frontier state, Alaska, is falling head over heels for peach ice cream too.

Arizona: Bubble gum ice cream

Arizona is looking for a sweet treat to make them nostalgic for their childhood — bubble gum ice cream is the most uniquely searched in the Grand Canyon State.

Arkansas: Peach ice cream

In order to cool down during a hot summer day, residents of Arkansas are favoring a sweet peach ice cream.

California: Boba ice cream

Californians are running to the grocery store in hopes to find the boba ice cream that has been trending on social media. Boba ice cream takes the original tea-based beverage with tapioca balls boiled in honey and brown sugar, and transforms it into ice cream.

Colorado: Vanilla ice cream

A tasty classic vanilla ice cream is more than enough for Coloradan.

Connecticut: Peaches and cream ice cream

Connecticut's uniquely-searched ice cream flavor is peaches and cream, which is a blend of peaches, heavy cream and half and half. It's the perfect refreshing flavor to have on deck for an ideal staycation at home.

Delaware: Blueberry ice cream

Blueberries have the benefit of being good for your gut health, and Delaware is all-in on blueberry ice cream.

Florida: Mango ice cream

Florida has the taste for the tropics, as the most uniquely searched ice cream is mango.

Georgia: Peach ice cream

No surprise here that the Peach State would be interested in ice cream that highlights its most iconic food.

Hawaii: Boba ice cream

While the state's most popular snack might be shave ice, Hawaiians are searching for boba ice cream.

Idaho: Vegan cherry ice cream

Idaho is substituting the dairy option for this cherry dessert. Vegan cherry is the most uniquely searched ice cream in this state.

Illinois: Blue moon ice cream

Illinois is diving into a true Midwestern classic with blue moon ice cream as its most uniquely searched ice cream. "Blue moon" refers to the ice cream's color: a picturesque bright blue.

Indiana: Peach ice cream

Incorporating a yummy dessert into your evening is one way to make dinner at home feel like a restaurant experience. And in Indiana, residents are looking to mix things up with peach ice cream.

Iowa: Rocky road ice cream

Iowans are enjoying the chocolatey marshmallow goodness of rocky road ice cream while they're camping in the backyard with the whole family.

Kansas: Chocolate ice cream

When the residents of Kansas are in the mood to satisfy their sweet tooth, chocolate ice cream comes out on top.

Kentucky: Peach ice cream

Kentucky may like peach ice cream just as much as it loves bourbon — it's the state's most uniquely searched ice cream.

Louisiana: Vanilla ice cream

After enjoying some delicious spicy gumbo and other Cajun dishes, Louisiana residents are looking to cool down with a scoop of classic vanilla ice cream.

Maine: Strawberry ice cream

Maine is all about fresh, fruity flavors that are in season — strawberry is the most uniquely searched ice cream in this state.

Maryland: Banana ice cream

Bananas make a great addition in pancakes, and the fruit is also a tasty ice cream flavor, just ask the people of Maryland.

Massachusetts: Cookie monster ice cream

Massachusetts residents know that a great activity to get your kids involved when you're stuck inside is to search for cookie monster ice cream: blue ice cream mixed with chocolate sandwich cookies and cookie dough.

Michigan: Blue moon ice cream

It looks like the residents of Michigan don't mind if their tongues get a little blue this summer. Their most searched ice cream is blue moon.

Minnesota: Cookie monster ice cream

There are a bunch of unexpected ingredients that you can bake in your cookies, but Minnesota residents prefer to eat their cookies in blue cookie monster ice cream.

Mississippi: Vanilla ice cream

Mississippi can't get enough of the classic vanilla flavor. Bonus: If you make your own ice cream at home, it's a great way to finish a gallon of milk.

Missouri: Vanilla ice cream

It seems like the residents of Missouri are keeping things classic this summer as the state's most uniquely searched ice cream flavor is vanilla. But believe it or not, this treat is easy to make at home with your kids. All you need is heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, vanilla, salt and eggs.

Montana: Huckleberry ice cream

It might come as no surprise that the residents of Montana are searching for huckleberry ice cream. The fruit, which is similar to a blueberry, is so beloved by Montanans that huckleberry is also the flavor of the state's most iconic pie.

Nebraska: Vanilla ice cream

Kool-Aid may have been invented in Nebraska, but when it's time to cool down, the state is searching for vanilla ice cream.

Nevada: Strawberry shortcake ice cream

While there are plenty of no-bake desserts to choose from, Nevadans want to know where and how they can get their hands on strawberry shortcake ice cream. 

New Hampshire: Black raspberry ice cream

There are plenty of guilty pleasures we won't apologize for loving, and ice cream is one of them. New Hampshire residents are in agreement when it comes to their black raspberry ice cream.

New Jersey: Mint chocolate chip ice cream

With one of the best old-school boardwalks around, New Jersey is no stranger to summer and all of its iconic desserts. Residents are searching for a classic: mint chocolate chip.

New Mexico: Vanilla ice cream

While New Mexicans might be stumped on how to make rice — their most searched cooking tip — they know what type of ice cream they're craving: vanilla.

New York: Black raspberry ice cream

While it's a great place to get pizza or spot a celebrity, it looks like New Yorkers are stumped on how to get their hands on black raspberry ice cream. It's the state's most uniquely searched flavor.

North Carolina: Peach ice cream

Peach ice cream is North Carolina's most uniquely searched flavor, which comes as no surprise considering peaches are one of summer's best fruits.

North Dakota: Coconut milk ice cream

It looks like North Dakota residents are trying to stay dairy-free this summer. Coconut milk ice cream uses coconut milk as an alternative to dairy. If you want to try making the treat at home, this recipe for pineapple Dole Whip uses coconut milk and is entirely dairy-free.

Ohio: Blue moon ice cream

Ohioans are staying close to their Midwestern roots with blue moon ice cream. The bright blue dessert is super sweet and packs a flavor that closely resembles Froot Loops, a childhood cereal favorite.

Oklahoma: Neapolitan ice cream

Neapolitan ice cream is evenly divided into the three most iconic ice cream flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. The childhood dessert is the perfect way to compromise, and it looks like Oklahomans agree.

Oregon: Spumoni ice cream

If you're looking for a dessert that will please the whole family during your backyard barbecue, it's spumoni. The combination of chocolate, pistachio and cherry ice cream is the most searched flavor in Oregon.

Pennsylvania: Milky Way ice cream

Inspired by the popular candy bar, Milky Way ice cream is made with chocolate malt ice cream, a caramel swirl and chocolatey chunks. Pennsylvania thinks it's out of this world.

Rhode Island: Neapolitan ice cream

While Rhode Islanders love their coffee milk, for ice cream, they're sticking with a classic: Neapolitan.

South Carolina: Peach ice cream

Aside from hanging by the pool, eating a yummy dessert is a great way to unwind this summer. South Carolinians are looking to cool down and relax with peach ice cream.

South Dakota: Butter brickle ice cream

Butter brickle is a retro ice cream flavor that's made with small, crunchy pieces of toffee. The sweet, buttery ice cream is the most searched flavor in South Dakota.

Tennessee: Vanilla ice cream

Southerners aren't strangers to good food, filling up on the likes of biscuits, beignets and pecan pie. When it comes to ice cream, Tennesseeans are sticking with classic vanilla.

Texas: Vanilla ice cream

What's the best way to wash down an iconic Texas meal like chicken fried steak? According to Google searches, it's vanilla ice cream.

Utah: Spumoni ice cream

Spumoni might not be the most common flavor, but it's the most popular in Utah.

Vermont: Chocolate ice cream

It's certainly exciting to take a trip to your favorite chocolate shop, but sometimes a little chocolate ice cream just hits the spot. And the residents of Vermont agree — chocolate is their most uniquely searched ice cream flavor.

Virginia: Peach ice cream

Instead of grilling peaches to serve alongside a delicious burger, Virginians are focused on using the fruit to cool down. The state's most popular ice cream flavor is peach.

Washington: Spumoni ice cream

Just like Utah and Oregon, Washington's most-searched ice cream flavor is spumoni.

Washington, D.C.: Butter pecan ice cream

Washington, D.C., is one of the most caring cities in America —maybe it's because they're always eating butter pecan ice cream.

West Virginia: Rocky road ice cream

Mixed with marshmallows, roasted almonds and chocolate ice cream, rocky road is a true classic. For all of you West Virginians searching for the ice cream flavor, it's great to bring as a dessert alongside these perfect picnic recipes.

Wisconsin: Blue moon ice cream

Add this to the list of regional desserts you need to try. Blue moon ice cream seems to be a crowd-favorite in Wisconsin, where it's the most uniquely searched ice cream flavor.

Wyoming: Vanilla ice cream

Like the many states before it, Wyoming residents are sticking with classic vanilla as the most popular ice cream flavor. Now that you know what each state is craving, it's time to find out where to get America's best ice cream.

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