McDonald's HQ Restaurant Has Added A Goat Cheese Burger To Its Menu

The restaurant inside McDonald's global headquarters in Chicago not only offers standard Big Macs and fries, but also McDonald's menu items from around the world. Every so often the brand will swap out the menu and bring a taste of their international menu to the Midwest. Now, McDonald's HQ restaurant in Chicago's trendy West Loop neighborhood is offering a bunch of new items, including a goat cheese burger from McDonald's menus in Spain.

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Part of Spain's signature collection, this goat cheese burger comes with a third-pound beef patty topped with grilled onions, lettuce, smoky onion mayo, and a healthy portion of creamy goat cheese. Goat cheese is very popular in Spain, which is why it has made its way onto a McDonald's burger.

Also making its debut in America is the Double BBQ Chicken Sandwich from McDonald's France, which includes two marinated chicken breast pieces, white cheddar cheese, tomato slices, red onion, pickles, and Texas-style barbecue sauce. You know, because the French are known for their barbecue.

McDonald's HQ is also offering an Egg BLT McMuffin from Canada, "Cheese Bites" from the U.K. (which are basically just tiny deep-fried balls of mozzarella and Emmenthal cheese served with a marinara dipping sauce), and an impressive looking Matcha Green Tea McFlurry from Japan which is swirled with crushed Oreos and a matcha green tea syrup.

All of these items will only be available at the brand's Chicago headquarters restaurant for a limited time. After that, the menu will change again to debut dishes from other nations. Except you'll never find a dish inspired by these countries — because they don't even have McDonald's!