Lunchables Launches New 'Brunchables' Breakfast Sandwich Kits

It's been more than 30 years since Lunchables first graced grocery stores, and we may love them more now as adults than we ever did as kids. Circular ham with Kraft cheese slices between crackers? Heaven. Soft pizza crusts with messy tomato sauce, tiny pepperonis and shredded mozzarella? Incredible. The Capri Sun and Reese's Cup or mini Crunch Bar on the side? Vital. Lunchables have never let us down, and now they are lifting us even higher with new "Brunchables" — and that is exactly what it sounds like.

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You won't find build-your-own eggs Benedict or mimosa pouches in these packs, but little baby breakfast sandwiches instead. Brunchables come in three different varieties (bacon, ham and sausage) with cheddar cheese on flatbread. A mini blueberry muffin is served on the side, but the pack doesn't appear to include a drink.

Sound too good to be true? The brand duped Twitter on April Fool's Day by posting a picture of the new snack kit without any context, and everyone thought it was a sick prank.

"Imagine putting a genius idea out as an April Fool's Prank..." @chereariana said.

"I know this is an April Fool's joke, and I am NOT AMUSED," @shanamarie_d said.

"Plz don't be an ap fools joke you horrible people," @Staceisaheyname said.

"Omg what a cruel joke, we would have been waiting in line for these bad boys," @celymonte said.

"Why you gotta play like this," @starryplight said.

But despite the announcement's arrival on the jocular holiday, we can confirm that this product is the realest of the real. Brunchables will hit store shelves later this spring, but some consumers will have the chance to sample them sooner. Starting April 2, fans can enter their name on the "brunch waitlist" at and 100 will be chosen to try them before their official release. If you don't make the cut, cry into a bloody mary at the best bottomless brunch in your state.