Little Caesars Is Testing A Fritos Pizza In Tennessee

Little Caesars is giving a whole new meaning to Frito pie. The most basic version of the nacho-type dish features a bed of Fritos corn chips with chili on top. Other variations include shredded cheese, chopped onions, jalapeño slices and sour cream. Some people make it in a casserole dish, but most cut a slit in the side of the bag and pour the toppings right inside.

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Little Caesars remixed the recipe for a brand new Frito Pie Pizza currently testing at select locations in Johnson City, Elizabethton, Piney Flats, Kingsport and Gray, Tennessee, for a suggested retail price of $10. It features a large, thin crust topped with chili cheese sauce, taco sauce and cheese. A bag of Chili Cheese Fritos is served on the side so that the pizza doesn't compromise the crunchiness.

It's become increasingly popular to top pizzas with Southern mainstays like hot fried chicken, and Little Caesars is not the only corn chip crusader. Pizzerias in Texas and elsewhere have been making similar pies for years, and Papa John's even tested its own Fritos Chili Pie with Fritos, beef, chili, tomatoes, onions, mozzarella and cheddar in 2014. No word on how that went, but regardless of whether there's a nationwide rollout on this one, we don't expect it will crack the 101 best pizzas in America.