José Andrés Can't Wait to Be Replaced by a Robot


José Andrés had a lot to say during an hourlong interview at SXSW in Austin on March 11. The chef was interviewed by tech journalist Kara Swisher and the duo discussed a bevy of topics, including his time in Puerto Rico with World Central Kitchen, his “feud” with the president, the #MeToo movement (of which he is an avowed supporter), and food technology.

Andrés believes that the food of the future is definitely plant-based. “If we’re going to be feeding 9 billion [people], we need to be open in many ways,” he said before mentioning that he thinks that Impossible Foods — the meatless brand behind the Impossible Burger — is “a great thing.” He also stressed the importance of eating seasonally and locally, especially with things like fruits and vegetables.

“A vegetable — a pineapple — you put it in [your mouth], it’s elegant from the beginning almost to the end. Why are we eating meat still? That’s why women seem to be eating more vegetables than men, because women always are smarter. Men, we’re stupid,” he said.

The humanitarian chef is also on board with #MeToo. “Number one, I have three daughters,” he said. “On my end, as a father, I want the best for my daughters. Number two, it’s been a world that’s been happening and now [I’m] super aware. Number three, I am a #MeToo movement supporter. This is not restaurants, this is society.”

Andrés was also asked about the possibility of robots replacing chefs, to which he replied, “Eventually one day this will happen. Already, to a degree, it’s happening. Already robots are doing big-system productions. But one day we’re going to have a robot being José and, quite frankly, I cannot wait so I can be playing golf.”

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