fidget spinner

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Yes, An Edible Fidget Spinner Actually Exists

Now you can have your fidget spinner and eat it too
fidget spinner

Ink Drop / Shutterstock

The bakery also won a grand prize at the 2008 Martha Stewart Cookie Contest.

Fidget spinners are the trendy new thing — even chef Eric Ripert can’t keep them out of his kitchen. Now, Dallas bakery Clearly Cookies is jumping in on the popular toy with its very own edible version.

The bakery recently debuted its fidget spinner cookie in a Facebook post.

“It's all the rage right now. Introducing the first edible (and kid friendly) #FidgetSpinner. For sure to keep your attention and relieve your hunger! It even SPINS too,” the bakery wrote.

If this seems too good (or too ridiculous) to be true, Clearly Cookies made a YouTube video showing that the “original fidget spinner cookie” isn’t just edible, but also functional.

The baker specializes in custom cookie creations inspired by everything from Nintendo themes (like Yoshi and the power-up mushroom) to Peeps bunnies and chicks.


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