Instagram Lets You Follow Hashtags Now

Ever wished you could just know where the best gooey, greasy grilled cheese photos were on Instagram without having to follow dozens of random foodie accounts? Maybe you don't want to know what those food Instagrammers are doing on vacation or watch them play with their dogs. You're just following them for the occasional damn good grilled cheese, which you know they're going to eat and share over the weekend.

How about you just follow #grilledcheese then? Now, you can. Let the cheese pulls come to you.

With Instagram's new feature, which allows you to follow hashtags as well as people, it takes less effort than ever to keep up with the trends you care about. If you're following some blogger for the smoothie bowls, you don't have to litter your feed with their endless plates of avocados and eggs, too. Just follow #smoothiebowls. If there's something weird hipsters are doing with avocados, you don't have to wait for the accounts you follow to catch on. Not if you're following #avocado.

Instagram crowdsources the best of your favorite trends for you so you don't have to dig.

Following a hashtag is insanely easy to do. You just browse the hashtags that you and your friends use. Tapping on a hashtag will bring you to a hashtag page — as if the hashtag were a person with their own independent feed. Once you're there, you simply click "Follow."

Voila. All the magnificent grilled cheese you've been craving — sourced from all over the world — will get dropped right into your Instagram feed. Let the drooling commence.

If you're less of a food porn fanatic and more of a collagen-loving, oatmeal-brewing health guru, you might want to follow #healthyfood or #nutrition. If you love meatless meals, you might follow the #meatlessmondays for inspiration.

If you want real time, personalized advice and varied content, though, you're still going to have to follow some influencers — that's something I, as a health influencer (@eating_peanut_better), want you to realize before you go rogue. Hashtags can't give you personality. That takes conversation, individuality, and diversity on a person's feed. You could start, for instance, by following these 35 nutritionists for some serious healthy inspiration.