Hello Fresh Introduces Meal Kits With Leftovers in Mind

The meal kit company is offering a way to turn dinner from the night before into lunch the next day

A few years ago, I wrote about how my then-boyfriend, now-husband was able to cook successfully for the first time using HelloFresh. There’s something about the way a non-cook’s brain is wired that responds to a clear-cut set of directions, portions, and ingredients that just works, and for that reason, we’ve got a steady rotation of various meal kits that we use to this day.

Recently, we were introduced to something new from HelloFresh, a Dinner 2 Lunch option that gives you a little extra to work with for dinner that then allows you to turn it into a slightly different iteration for lunch you can make in a few minutes the next morning, saving yourself from the midday scramble to grab something that probably costs more (at least here in NYC).

Recipes like chorizo beef chili becomes a fully loaded chili burrito for lunch with the addition of a tortilla and a fresh packet of sour cream, and that sausage and zucchini pizza you made can be turned into an easy gemelli pasta salad. The same goes for honey-sriracha pork chops that find new life as a bahn ni sandwich for your midday meal, and that barbecue chicken and poblano quesadilla jazzes itself up into a non-redundant chicken rice bowl with black bean salsa.

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Also this week, HelloFresh announced its retail introduction, starting at 581 stores, with individual box choices like peppercorn steak, Mediterranean-style chicken, home-style meatloaf, chickpea couscous, and paprika chicken, ranging from $14.99 to $19.99 and take less than 30 minutes to cook. If you forget to pick a kit up, your freezer could be hiding some other quick meal ideas.

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