This Guy Made A Candy Corn Pizza And Twitter Is Divided

A Twitter user is breaking the internet with his photo of a candy corn-topped pizza in honor of the coming month of October and the spooky and candy-filled holiday, Halloween.

Twitter user @TheRealAsswolf, posted comparison images of an uncooked frozen cheese pizza covered in candy corn and the final cooked version to the social media site.

"Tis the season my dudes," the account captioned the sickly sweet photo.

The DiGiorno Pizza Twitter account was swift to respond to the inflammatory pizza photo.

"Tis the no," they saucily responded. DiGiorno, known for its frozen but fresh-tasting pizza, has always had an active Twitter account and engages readily with its customers, but this time the account went all in.

"If y'all want the recipe I am giving it away for free," @TheRealAsswolf tweeted back to DiGiorno.

"Pass," the national pizza manufacturer responded including a crying laughing emoji.

"Million dollars down the drain," tweeted someone called @HoosierFooDog to DiGiorno.

"Billion probably," DiGiorno retorted. When HoosierFooDog suggested that CiCi's might get in on the idea, DiGiornio shaded the buffet chain:

"Ci who?"

Just as with the Peep-za earlier this year, the rest of the internet wildly debated whether this was a genius idea or an absolute kitchen nightmare.

We think candy corn-topped pizza should qualify for a slot in the 12 most bizarre pizza toppings.