Forget pineapple pizza. “Peepzza” is the real controversial pizza of our dreams… or nightmares?

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This Peeps-Topped Pizza Has Really Upset a Lot of People

A melted Peeps-topped pizza has the collective Internet seething in confusion and anger

Last month, the president of Iceland joked that he would ban pineapple as a pizza topping if he could, which spurred a passionate Internet debate about the ethical validity of putting fruit on pizza.

But if you thought pineapple was crazy, just wait until you see this Twitter user’s melted Peeps-topped pizza abomination.

The original, seemingly innocent tweet of an appropriately Easter-themed pizza has created a domino effect of outraged people condemning this blasphemy or hailing it as the perfect drunk/junk food.

Most people thought it was, frankly, quite disgusting:

Others are saying that it looks better than pineapple pizza:

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And a small minority would try it in a heartbeat: