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Super-Smart Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside Weed Dispensary

The scout likely made over $1,500 in 6 hours
girl scouts

In what can only be described as an absolutely genius business move, a California Girl Scout stationed herself outside of a local weed dispensary to sell cookies and made money hand over fist for six hours.

The scout, who remains nameless, reportedly sold over 300 boxes of cookies in six hours outside of San Diego’s Urbn Leaf dispensary, according to her father. With cookies going for $5 a box, the savvy scout likely made around $1,500. 

Urbn Leaf even Instagrammed a photo of the Girl Scout Junior wearing All About cookie glasses and clutching multiple boxes of cookies against their store front. “Get some Girl Scout Cookies with your GSC today until 4pm!” the dispensary captioned the cute pic. “Have a friend that wants to #tagalong? Bring them with — shopping is more fun with friends anyways.”

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"I think our customers loved it," Savannah Rakofsky, a representative for Urbn Leaf, told Mashable. "They went out and bought boxes." She also mentioned that since the market-minded scout’s appearance, more Girl Scouts had stationed themselves outside.

As her photo went viral, the nameless scout received both praise and push back for selling outside of the dispensary, which is considered an “unapproved site.”

However, the smart scout may have found a little wiggle room in regards to GSA location policies. Girl Scouts are allowed to sell cookies on “walk-abouts” around neighborhoods while accompanied by a parent or guardian. So instead of parking her wagon outside of the dispensary, the young entrepreneur moved it up and down the sidewalk while accompanied by her father. Although some are still finding issue with the dispensary being in a “commercial zone” instead of a “neighborhood,” a spokeswoman for Girl Scouts San Diego told the San Diego Union-Tribune that Scout’s method was a "gray area."

Enterprising Girl Scouts around the country seem to have been quick to adapt to the booming economy around legal marijuana. One Oregon girl made waves in 2016 by setting up shop outside a dispensary, and in 2017 an entire troop in San Francisco partnered with a local dispensary to raise money for charity.

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