Get 'Em While They're Cool: The 3 Must-Eat Seasonal Items At NYC's Blue Water Grill

You may have heard the Blue Water Grill is moving soon — not totally shuttering, for the record. Management is still on the prowl for a new space. Thankfully, that's not happening before summer's end, so you've still got a few weeks to chow down on the three summer menu items that have blown our minds.

  1. The appetizer is called a watermelon salad, but it's more like a glorious watermelon pizza, a giant cross-section of watermelon, with rind as the crust, topped with tomatoes and feta. It's simple, it's genius, and it's as Insta-worthy as dishes come. It's one of the coolest things I've seen all year, no pun intended.
  2. For the tomato tagine, think eggplant parmesan but with red and yellow tomato slices stacked into a perfectly refreshing square and served with a parmesan crisp on top.
  3. The peach, burrata, and prosciutto flatbread is simply perfect.

So what's waiting for the restaurant when summer's done?

Hopefully, a location that's just as breathtaking as this one. Eighteen months ago, the annual rent for Blue Water Grill was $500,000 per year, and now, it's more than $2 million. Landry Hospitality Group COO Howard Cole says that amount is simply unsustainable even for a restaurant as successful as they've been.

"The search for Blue Water Grill's new home is in progress, and we are in talks with several landlords about their spaces," he said.

Until then, we highly recommend that you put on your fancy-pants and scoop up these literal slices of summer while you still can.


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