Fazoli’s Launches Olive Garden-Style Pasta Pass

We wish every Italian restaurant did this

Fast-casual Italian chain Fazoli’s has launched an Olive Garden-style pasta pass that they are selling for $50.

If you love endless pasta, live in the Midwest, and missed out on Olive Garden’s pasta passes this year, you’re in luck! Fast-casual Italian chain Fazoli’s has come out with its own pasta pass. It's called the Infinite Pasta Pass, and it will give passholders all-you-can-eat pasta from December 31 through February 24.

The Best Pasta Dish in Every State

From December 3 through December 9, customers in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Ohio can purchase one of 500 Fazoli’s Infinite Pasta Passes for $50 from Fazoli’s website. Like with Olive Garden, the 500 available pasta passes will give guests access to unlimited pasta, sauce, and topping combinations as well as Fazoli’s bread sticks.

Unlike with Olive Garden, Fazoli’s Infinite Pasta Pass users can use their passes for carryout and drive-thru meals. While Olive Garden’s pasta passes tend to sell out in less than a second, Fazoli’s pasta passes are still available on their website


The Daily Meal has reached out to both Olive Garden and Fazoli’s on the copycat pasta pass idea, but really we would love it if all Italian restaurants did this. Imagine if you could enjoy never-ending pasta from the best Italian restaurant in every state!