Dominique Ansel Bakery’s Kiwi Sorbet Bars Are the Perfect Summer Treat

This dessert will leave you feeling all fuzzy inside
Kiwi Sorbet Bars from Dominique Ansel

Kiwi Sorbet Bars from dessert mastermind Dominique Ansel are made with kiwi sorbet, Tahitian vanilla ice cream, and coated in milk chocolate. They look like kiwis and taste like summer

The inside of the bar is made from a sweet sorbet.

The creators of the cronut have wowed us once again with a summer dessert to remember: the Kiwi Sorbet Bar. Dominique Ansel Bakery is serving up this fruity confection through the summer season. It looks exactly like a kiwi — but tastes much sweeter.

The ice cream bar is made with a refreshing kiwi sorbet and a center of Tahitian vanilla ice cream. The “seeds” of the kiwi are made with poppy seeds. The entire treat is then covered in chocolate with an additional chocolate dusting to mimic the fuzzy exterior of the actual fruit.

Sure, it might not be as good for your skin as an actual kiwi, but it is good for the soul. You can try the Kiwi Sorbet Bar at the SoHo and London locations of Dominique Ansel Bakery.

“Kiwis are one of those fruits that have a really unique flavor and texture,” world-famous chef Dominique Ansel told The Daily Meal in an email. “It’s sweet and a bit tart, and it works really well as a cold and refreshing sorbet for the summertime.”

Editors at The Daily Meal tried the dessert, and it brightened their day. All that was missing was a pool with a view and summery cocktail.

“I love the chocolate,” one editor gushed. “And it was so refreshing.”

Some tasters thought the chocolate and kiwi combination was a bit odd, since the flavors aren’t usually paired together. But only those who “weren’t dessert people” preferred eating an actual kiwi to the bar of sorbet ice cream.

Dominique Ansel has made other tempting desserts inspired by fruit, as well. During the summer, the bakery also offers slices of What-a-Melon Soft Serve.


Again, not as hydrating as an actual watermelon — but you can just pair it with one of these hydrating drinks and enjoy the ice cream anyway.