Do Gluten-Free Restaurants Exist?

Yes, and many gluten-free restaurants are very good
Gluten-Free Restaurants

Photo Modified: Flickr/ Breville USA/ CC4.0

There's an entirely gluten-free pasta menu at New York's Del Posto.

In this era of everything gluten-free, gluten-free restaurants are a natural extension of the diet and lifestyle that more and more people are adopting. But do gluten-free restaurants really exist, and if so, where can you find them?

Gluten-free restaurants are much more common in major cities, where there’s a larger population of people living the gluten-free lifestyle, so therefore a larger built-in clientele base. There are many different varieties of gluten-free restaurants out there; There are restaurants that just serve dishes that include vegetables, fish, and meat, like New York’s The Little Beet Table; bakeries that create baked goods from gluten-free flours like Los Angeles’ Breakaway Bakery, and ones that serve gluten-free pasta, bread, and other starchy dishes alongside a traditional gluten menu, like New York’s Del Posto.


If you’re looking for a gluten-free restaurant near you but can’t find one, don’t despair. Many restaurants offer special dishes (or entire separate menus) that are gluten-free, including chain restaurants like Olive Garden, offer gluten-free menus, and many others, including Red Lobster and Applebee’s, post their allergen information online so you can make an informed decision.