The Daily Dish: Starbucks Debuts New Drink That Might Cure Your Cold

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Starbucks Debuts New Drink That Might Cure Your Cold

Starbucks connoisseurs rejoice: The popular secret menu drink known as the Medicine Ball will now be available on the permanent menu. For those not in the know, this twist on an Arnold Palmer calls for half a glass of lemonade, two types of tea, and an entire packet of honey. It may be super sweet, but as Starbucks legend has it, this drink can ward off (or help cure) the common cold.

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Chuck E. Cheese Debuts National ‘Sensory Sensitive Sundays’ for Children With Autism

On Tuesday, Chuck E. Cheese announced the national expansion of its “Sensory Sensitive Sundays” program to section off time at the restaurant for children with autism. The initiative will launch nationally on April 2 for World Autism Awareness Day. During “Sensory Sensitive Sundays,” the restaurant opens two hours before regular hours to entertain smaller crowds with dimmed lighting and limited appearances from characters in costume, according to the press release. The show and music will also be turned down or completely shut off during the time period.

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This 94-Year-Old McDonald’s Employee Just Celebrated 44 Years at the Company

Loraine Maurer, 94, just celebrated 44 years as a McDonald’s employee in Evansville, Indiana, and the entire restaurant threw a party in her honor. More than four decades working behind the counter of a fast-food restaurant may sound tedious, but Maurer is well-known for her positive spirit and friendly relationships with her co-workers and regular customers. She works the morning shifts and gets up at 3 a.m. just to arrive at 5 a.m. and start making oatmeal for customers “the Loraine way.” Her customers say that only she knows how to make McDonald’s oatmeal right.


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Can’t Choose Between a Chocolate Egg and a Cheese Egg? Now You Won’t Have to


If you’re like us and can’t choose between the sins of cheese and chocolate, behold: the Cheaster Egg. The Cheaster Egg is made with cheese and white chocolate and is being sold by Iceland Foods, a British supermarket chain. The new product was the result of an online poll in which Facebook users had to choose between a Wensleydale egg with white chocolate and raspberry curls and a Cheddar egg with white chocolate curls. The former won. Each egg retails for 3 pounds (about $3.75) and is only being sold at the 800 Iceland Foods locations throughout the U.K.


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The ‘World’s Strongest Coffee’ Is Now Available in the States

A South Africa-based coffee company, Black Insomnia Coffee, has staked its claim for the title of the “world’s strongest coffee.” This week, the company made its global debut by expanding distribution of its heavily caffeinated product through Amazon. Black Insomnia boasts 702 milligrams of caffeine for each 12 ounces of its coffee — reaching “dangerous” caffeine levels twice the amount recommended for an average adult, according to Caffeine Informer. Through independent lab tests at SGS, a company specializing in the verification of company claims, Black Insomnia found that its coffee has 6.35 percent more caffeine than Death Wish Coffee, the former title-holder for the world’s strongest coffee.


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