The Daily Dish: March 18, 2016

Today's first course?

Thai Restaurant in Dublin Offers Takeout... for Your Dog

St. Patrick's Day may have been yesterday, but Irish dogs, have a reason to feel lucky again today. A Thai restaurant in Ireland is offering a takeout item just for pooches. Camile restaurant's Doggylicious Rice Pudding is a "rice pudding and mango coulis dog treat topped with luxury Madeline biscuits. The response on social media has been positive so far. One customer tweeted a photo of her dog eating the pudding and writes, "[H]ow cute! It was gone in an instant!" Another a video of her dog eagerly eyeing the pudding, and writes, "Rufus is getting seriously excited by the prospect of pudding from @CamileThai." 

Tesco Shoplifter in Malaysia Offered Job Instead of Punishment

Who doesn't like a happy ending? When a 31-year-old Malaysian father of three was caught shoplifting food at a Tesco supermarket, employees could have called the authorities. After all, the man was breaking the law. Instead, the store offered him a job. He had grabbed some fruit and juices and was just on his way out the door when he was stopped by a worker. The store's general manager, warned him to never steal again and offered him a job at the store. 

Seth Rogen Releases Disturbing Trailer for 'Sausage Party:' Like 'Toy Story' but With Food

Hopefully this will get you laughing just in time for the weekend: The trailer for Sausage Party has been released and features the all-star comedic cast of Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Michael Cera, James Franco, Paul Rudd, Salma Hayek, and others. In the world of Sausage Party, food is actually alive, and all it wants to do is get purchased. Little do the cute animated hot dogs, buns, broccoli, and cheese slices realize: They're actually going to be cut up and  eaten. A release date has not yet been confirmed for the grotesque cartoon, but we recommend not taking your kids to see it, unless you want to deal with hunger strikes in the future. Be sure to check out the hilarious red band trailer within this story in the News in Brief section: And again, probably not the best idea to let your kids watch that either. 

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