The Daily Dish: Do Goats Serenaded by Soft Jazz Produce Better Cheese?

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Do Goats Serenaded by Soft Jazz Produce Better Cheese?

Cypress Grove, a California creamery well-known for its award-winning goat cheese, says the secret to quality dairy products isn’t necessarily the goats’ diets or living quarters, but rather their taste in music. Every day the farm’s 900 goats are milked to the sounds of smooth jazz, a soundtrack that farmers say relaxes the animals, according to Food & Wine Magazine. The ideal situation for a milk-producing animal is tranquility because stress will "lead to feed intake drops, decreased production, illness, and low immunity,” according to Ryan Andrus, the creamery's dairy director. Calm goats produce more quality milk than they would if they were under stress. Andrus finds that the type of music matters as well. “It has to be light, mellow, and low on intensity," he told Food & Wine.

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Donald Trump Eats His Steak Well Done With Ketchup

Thanks to a first-person report from the Independent Journal Review, we now know that President Trump eats his steak well-done and slathered in ketchup. The report gives an entertaining play-by-play of the Sunday night dinner at BLT Prime by David Burke at the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., where Trump escaped to on Saturday night to avoid the press pool. The report lists some interesting details, but the part of the evening that has caught everyone’s eye was the President’s dinner order. From a server who wished to remain anonymous: “The President ordered a well-done steak. An aged New York strip. He ate it with ketchup as he always does.” Of course, this unusual food preference has gotten quite a lot of attention on social media.


British Shoppers Are Being Warned to Wash Their Hands After Picking Up Chicken Packages in the Store

Supermarket shoppers in the UK are receiving warnings about handling packages of poultry in the store. An investigation published by the Telegraph has found that the surface of just over 1 percent of packages of chicken, on average, contain the harmful bacteria known as Campylobacter (the number one cause of food poisoning in the world). That means just picking up a package might be dangerous. “I strongly suspect that many food poisoning cases are from cross contamination, which may involve the spread of bacteria from contaminated hands to mouth as well as via contaminated food,” Dr. Lisa Ackerley, an independent food hygiene expert, told The Telegraph. The Food Standards Agency has responded to the investigation, saying that getting food poisoning from chicken packaging is “extremely unlikely."


Never Forget Your Credit Card at the Bar Again With This New Digital ‘Open Tab’ Feature

We’ve all been there: after a night out with friends, you realize the next day that you never actually retrieved your credit card from the bartender. Mastercard is debuting a new feature that makes sure this never happens again. “Open Tab” is an expansion of the Qkr! feature that adds a mobile order-ahead and payment platform to the Masterpass app. It allows customers to open a tab at a bar without actually handing in their credit or debit card. Customers can see their bill and pay via their smartphone without having to wait to get the bartender’s attention to close out their tab. The feature is coming to restaurants and bars this summer.

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The Last Starbucks-Owned Evolution Fresh Locations Will Close This Year


Six years ago, Starbucks expanded beyond coffee and onto the juice scene with the $30 million cash purchase of Evolution Fresh. Throughout the years, the Starbucks subsidiary of pre-packaged, cold-pressed juices launched stand-alone locations, but has recently announced that the remaining two locations will be closing this year, Seattle Met reported. However, this isn’t the end of the California-based juice brand, as Starbucks will continue to sell its bottled products at its coffee stores.