The Daily Dish: All Kids Should Try Peanuts to Avoid Developing an Allergy, New Guidelines Say

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All Kids Should Try Peanuts to Avoid Developing an Allergy, New Guidelines Say

Peanut allergies are on the rise. Scientists say that if parents want to prevent their children from growing up with deadly intolerances to this common food, they should expose their kids to peanuts early and often. We already knew this, thanks to a scientific study published last year, but now the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is officially touting this advice. The recommendation to expose infants as young as four months old to food containing peanuts has been published in the new Addendum Guidelines for the Prevention of Peanut Allergy in the United States. "We actually want all children to have peanut introduced," Dr. Matthew Greenhawt, an allergy specialist at Children's Hospital of Colorado, told NBC News.

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Del Monte Uses Pineapple Waste to Create Renewable Energy

Del Monte Philippines, Inc. and Global Water Engineering have teamed up to use pineapple waste to create renewable energy. A wastewater treatment plant was installed at the Cagayan de Oro pineapple canning factory in the Philippines to remove 93 percent of pollution in the water, according to Beverage Daily. Through the removal process, enough renewable energy (methane-rich biogas) is produced to power two 1.4-megawatt generators. “In terms of the positive environmental impact and the virtually free electricity gains going straight to the bottom line, this is an exemplary project for food, beverage and agribusiness processors worldwide,” Jean-Pierre Ombregt, the CEO of Global Water Engineering, told Beverage Daily.

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The Pizza ATM Plans for Nationwide Expansion

Students and faculty at Xavier University in Cincinnati were some of the first to experience late-night pizza runs with the Pizza ATM. Since the vending machine debuted last summer, the university has received hundreds of inquiries to “utilize the same technology and machine,” said Jennifer Paiotti, marketing director of the school's auxiliary services. Now, the school and Paline, the French company that helped create the vending machine, are ready to take their services nationwide. Twenty colleges and businesses in the United States and Canada have expressed interest in purchasing their own Pizza ATMs, WCPO reported. Some of the Pizza ATM features include error detection and web cam monitoring; real-time alerts for inventory, sales, receipts, and more; and the option to display marketing items such as videos, slideshows, and photos, according to the company’s website


The Unicorn Food Trend Has Got to Stop

2016 may have been the year of rainbow food (from bagels to grilled cheese and pizza), but it looks like 2017 is turning up the dial on kitschy, colorful “twee-eats” with the unicorn trend. Unicorn foods, in case you have not yet stumbled upon them, are pastel-colored and sparkly, and usually made with a copious amount of food dye and marshmallows. Already we have unicorn hot chocolate, unicorn macarons, and unicorn cheesecake. If we could point a finger and blame anyone for starting the whole thing, it would be the Unicorn Café in Bangkok, which opened last year and devoted its entire menu and décor to edible versions of the mythical creature.

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AB InBev and Keurig Join Forces for an At-Home Alcoholic Drink Maker


Anheuser-Busch InBev and Keurig Green Mountain have announced their joint venture for the research and development of an alcoholic beverage system that will make mixing drinks at home much easier. The at-home technology will be based on the Keurig Kold, a discontinued system that created cold sparkling and non-alcoholic drinks, but will use AB InBev’s brewing and packaging technology, according to a press release. The timeline for product development, including the exact product price and specifics, has yet to be revealed.