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The health dangers of soda have long existed: whether they are regular or diet, caffeinated or caffeine-free, soda is just plain bad news.

For most of us, memories of childhood summers involve at least a few instances where, parched after an intense game of tag, we squatted in flowerbeds to take a long, satisfying drink from the garde

Now that the weekend's over (and we'd like to forget a certain gluttonous meal or two), it's time to get back to our healthy workweek patterns.

Remember that Hi-C punch-tasting "morning energy drink" from Mountain Dew, called Ki

What to Drink to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Imagine being trapped in a building and being unable to leave because there are blood-thirsty zombies surrounding you at every entrance.

Vitaminwater is in deep water about their rude bottle caps

Generally, you're not greeted with an offensive message when you do a beverage company a solid by purchasing their product. We guess Vitaminwater missed that etiquette class.

Do-It-Yourself Soda

Want to add a little bubble to your beverage? Homemade soda can be like a masterpiece in the making. Simply call upon your inner artist to help create endless and delicious flavor combinations.

Ah, the 90s. The decade of scrunchies, Furbies, and the curiously clear Crystal Pepsi. Crystal Pepsi was a clear, caffeine-free soft drink that was sold by PepsiCo from 1992 to 1993.