The Daily Dish: Airheads White Mystery Freeze Debuts at Taco Bell

The Daily Dish - September 12, 2016

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Taco Bell

Airheads White Mystery Freeze Debuts at Taco Bell

Taco Bell announced a new Airheads White Mystery Freeze flavor slushie launching later this month. People have widely speculated that the mystery flavor is either a mix of regular Airheads flavors or an entirely random flavor that changes in every box. Although the new slushie technically doesn’t come out until Sept. 19, fans have already spotted it in certain Taco Bell locations. 


Shake Shack

Make Shack Burgers at Home: Shack Is Finally Coming Out With a Cookbook

Shake Shack is coming soon to a kitchen near you. After more than a decade of turning the burger industry upside down, the national fast-casual chain is finally coming out with a cookbook. The volume, to be released this fall, will include an introduction by Danny Meyer, the father of Shake Shack. The cookbook will feature “recipes and stories to bring the Shake Shack experience home.”


Kitchen Nightmares

Amy’s Baking Company From ‘Kitchen Nightmares’: Where Are They Now?

Amy’s Baking Company turned heads and made social media explode after their famous, bizarre, expletive-filled episode on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The publicity got to be so bad after the episode in 2013 that they eventually shut their doors. Amy’s owners Amy and Samy now reside in a “posh condominium” in Westwood, California, and Amy has started up a new baking business called Amy’s Sweet Magic.



Sean Brock’s Restaurant Closes Indefinitely After Devastating Fire

Celebrity chef Sean Brock is being forced to indefinitely close down his award-winning restaurant Husk in Nashville after a devastating fire severely damaged the property. No employees or patrons were hurt in the fire and the kitchen remains undamaged, but the fire spread to two dining rooms that were destroyed beyond repair. The fire started late Wednesday night in the upstairs rooms of the house. There is no word yet on whether Brock will attempt to reopen the Nashville location of Husk or concentrate on the Charleston original

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