'Crossushi' Is The Food Trend Nobody Asked For

2017 has given us a fair share of food trends — some wild, some wonderful, and some completely senseless. A prominent bullet on The Daily Meal's "Dumbest" list is sushi that isn't sushi. This involves burritos, tacos, burgers, cakes, and now croissants. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, which has locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seoul, has created the "California Croissant" — a croissant topped with sesame seeds and filled with smoked salmon, wasabi, pickled ginger, and nori seaweed. Kikkoman soy sauce is served on the side.

Posts throughout the Twittersphere indicate that people aren't quite turned on by the French-Japanese fusion, which is being called "Crossushi." Kristine Servando posted a photo of the pastry captioned, "Too early in the morning to see a sushi-stuffed croissant."

"This is a joke. I would prefer a wasabi stuffed croissant," @mozza_tom replied. And @MischaMoselle simply wrote, "Barf!"

On Instagram, Aron Tzimas, who co-owns a Mr. Holmes location in San Francisco, says the item is "actually pretty amazing and sells out super fast." Customers who've tasted and posted photos of the product say its "yummy," "interesting," and "creative."

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