Colorado Bans Edibles, Concerned Kids Will Think They’re Gummies

‘Anything that can look like candy is more enticing to kids,’ says state legislator

The weed-infused gummies look alarmingly like kid's candies.

Colorado has initiated a ban on all marijuana-infused candies shaped like animals, people, or other fun shapes after concern arose that children would mistake them for gummies. Some residents are claiming that the law is overly cautious and driven by a disproportionate wariness about the now-legal substance, rather than a real cause for greater concern.

Similar complaints have surfaced in the state when children have tried to swallow household cleaners and prescription medications — more often than complaints have surfaced about the edibles, Larry Wolk, executive director of the Colorado health agency, told The Associated Press. The Colorado government seems to be making an overly cautious ruling on the subject to avoid a federal crackdown on their lenient regulation of marijuana.

Legal pot consumption in the state looks a whole lot different than the lackadaisical smoking and brownie baking of the past. This isn’t the first time the government has enacted a cautious ruling on the substance. Marijuana must be very carefully labeled and packaged so it is not mistaken for another product. Packaging must loudly warn of THC in impossible-to-miss print. The wrappers of some chocolate marijuana products have proven difficult for even an adult to tear apart.

This new ruling is taking the existing restrictions one step further — no fun shapes allowed.

During the lawmakers’ deliberation, they were shown two packs of gummies — one with the drug and one without. Lawmakers could not tell the difference, and this uncertainty drove them to their decision.

“That really highlighted that we need to take some action here and make sure these products are not to be mistaken, particularly anyone under the age of 21,” said Mike Hartman, director of Colorado’s Department of Revenue.


This new ruling will mark a significant turning point in the way people produce and sell edibles in Colorado and elsewhere. Gummies, one of the sweetest and most classic methods of consuming the drug, are now apparently off the menu. For some other things you didn’t know about the candies, click here.