Colorado Now Requires Stamp on All Marijuana Products

Diamond-shaped stamp with the letters T-H-C must be present on all edibles

Flickr / Dank Depot / CC BY 2.0

With the new law, Colorado becomes the first state that has legalized marijuana to require such labelling on both packaging and the actual edible.

As of Saturday, Oct. 1, all edible marijuana products in Colorado must bear a diamond-shaped stamp with the letters T-H-C. The mark must be present not only on outside packaging but on the edibles themselves, The Associated Press detailed.

With this new law, Colorado becomes the first marijuana-legal state with such labelling requirements.

"We want to ensure that people genuinely know the difference between a Duncan Hines brownie and a marijuana brownie, just by looking at it," said Rep. Jonathan Singer, who sponsored this law.

A 2016 study at Children’s Hospital Colorado found that more children were treated for accidental pot ingestion after the legalization of marijuana, from 1.2 per 100,000 people two years prior to legalization to 2.3 per 100,000 two years after legalization.

The state has no estimate for exactly how many cases of accidental ingestion might be avoided with the new stamping requirement.


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