Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Rule

Food nerd Chrissy Teigen has an opinion on everything — even ranch dressing. The soon to be two-time cookbook author and mother-of-two took to her preferred platform (Twitter) to tweet out her opinions regarding the baseline for good ranch dressing. 

Teigen took exception to the fact that there were too many different kinds of plain ranch dressings. The Cravings 2 author pointed out that there needs to be some sort of guideline or rules as to what can be considered "plain."

"There are too many different plain ranch dressings. We need a baseline. If you call it ranch, it must not fluctuate between thick or sour or sweet or dilly or watery. It needs have rules," Teigen decided.

"The baseline for ranch needs to be the packet of buttermilk hidden valley," she announced. "Emphasis on buttermilk and emphasis on packet. Bottle is trash, dip is trash."

The public fired back with a slew of ranch questions for Teigen, and she responded with her usual snark and charm.

"But would we then differentiate between 'Ranch' and 'Buttermilk Dressing?'" questioned SNL alum Taran Killam.

"No I think all ranch should be made with buttermilk," the model, author, and current McDonald's spokesperson declared.

"What about making it from scratch?" asked Twitter user Julie Bane.

"She said what she said," responded Chrissy crony Browcho Marx.

"I said what I said" Teigen echoed.

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