Which Chicken Wing Is Better, The Drum Or The Flat? Twitter Debates

In recent years, the people of the internet have debated a number of controversial food topics including the best way to take eggs out of a carton, where to put the slice of cheese on a burger, whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza, and which pizza reigns supreme โ€” New York's thin crust or Chicago's deep dish.

Another hot-button issue has made its way to Twitter, where people are having a heated dialogue over which chicken wing shape is the best: drums or flats? And people online haveย opinions.

"If you prefer drums over flats you belong in jail," @mvrquiese_ said.

"No lie, im mad at myself. I liked drums for so long... but I just figured out how to get the bones out of flats and I think my tastes have changed," @_iHeartPink94 said.

"Drums are for people that choose quantity over quality. Flats are for people that choose quality over quantity. The best is flats," @kajalika said.

"Ladies find you a man who likes drums so you get all the flats," @StaceyRitzen said.

"I'm all about the flats but I do not judge my drums family, it just means we each know our respective roles when the basket of wings arrive," @PatientRose said.

A brief survey of Daily Meal staffers found that our house is divided, so we want to hear from you. Drums or flats? Join the conversation by casting your vote in this Twitter poll.

Next on the agenda is an even more pressing question: ranch or blue cheese? OK, let's walk before we run. Regardless of what shape you prefer in your poultry, America's 25 best Buffalo wings will have you licking your fingers in no time.