Charming Charleston Welcomes Discerning Food-Lovers

For those looking for ambience, food, and an engaging nightlife scene in the South, Charleston has all of that and then some

Chef Sean Brock’s Husk in Charleston.

Next we visited the expansive Magnolia Plantation about thirty to forty minutes out of downtown Charleston. We took a guided tour of the home on the plantation that dates back to 1676 built by the Drayton family with the oldest public gardens in the country on its property.

Sightseeing satiated, we turned to another one of our favorite recreational activities: wine tasting. Our tasting experience was like no other at Mira Winery’s Napa Valley Education Center and Tasting Room. The tasting room links the wine growing region of the Napa Valley to the history and traditions of the South. Mira, established in 2009, partnered with prestigious growers in Napa including Stags Leap District, Los Carneros, and Rutherford. And today, while they do not have an actual vineyard in Napa to call home, they do have an exquisite tasting room where wine lovers can learn about their wine, their founders and their heritage, all the while sipping and tasting.  

One of my favorite, dare I say “foodie” moments of the trip was when Meghan and I walked into Husk, the casual concept eatery from famed chef Sean Brock. Brock, considered by most to be one of the best chef’s in the South if not the country, made a true name for himself with his innovative and experimental cuisine at McCrady’s Restaurant. However, we were looking for a welcoming experience over an exploratory one, so we chose Husk.

Upon entrance, we immediately noticed the oversized food board that literally spells out exactly where all of the food items come from, which just so happens to be all below the Mason-Dixon line. I was fascinated by the South’s obsession with pimento cheese, so I ordered it wherever I could to see what all the fuss was about. I did very much enjoy Brock’s pimento cheese dish with burrata, heirloom tomatoes, and black-eyed peas. I ended that night with a trip directly next door to Husk’s bar in a separate house on the property. I ordered one quick specialty cocktail (Brock’s take on a negroni) as we patiently awaited our Uber car home.

It was an enchantingly Southern way to end the evening and a true salute to the beautiful city of Charleston.

Hospitality was provided to the author.


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