10 Chain Restaurants We Bet You Didn't Even Know Were Gone

These chains have all but vanished, and you might not have even realized it

Chipotle's ShopHouse Asian Kitchen ceased operations in March.

Like all businesses, chain restaurants come and go. Some burst onto the scene and give the impression that they’ll be around forever, like Applebee’s and Burger King, and some simply fade away without so much as a whimper (aside from a news story or two). These 10 chains fall into the latter category.

10 Chain Restaurants We Bet You Didn't Even Know Were Gone (Slideshow)

We tend to think of chain restaurants as too big to fail; easily replicable, formulaic money machines that will always pull a hefty crowd. They roll into town, open with great fanfare, and then proceed to serve the exact same food and drinks, with the exact same décor, service, and overall vibe, for years and years on end. Sure, the formula might get a tweak every so often when Corporate decides to update the image or roll out a new or limited-time-only menu item, but one of the comforts of having a chain restaurant nearby is the knowledge that, no matter what, you know what you’re getting.

But chains can fail for a whole host of reasons. Some are bought out by larger companies and folded into existing assets; some hand the reins over to franchise owners, hoping for the best but really setting them up for a slow death; and some simply hang up a "Closed" sign and walk away.


There are dozens, if not hundreds, of chain restaurants that have gone the way of the dodo over the years, many of which were regional operations that aren’t remembered by too many nowadays. But not only are these 10 chains remembered by millions, plenty of people probably don’t even realize that they’re gone for good.