Travel the World Via Burgers at Hard Rock Cafe

The World Burger Tour is back, y’all

The Colombian Plantain Burger is the perfect way to try plantains for the first time ever.

New York City is known as a center for worldwide cuisine, but normally you have to wander through the city’s various neighborhoods to find new and exciting dishes. But, what if we told you that you could discover new-to-you global flavors, presented in the form of an all-time American classic: the cheeseburger?

Oh yeah, it’s a real thing.

Through June 25, 2017, select Hard Rock Cafe locations around the world (including locations in NYC’s Times Square and Yankee Stadium) are hosting the World Burger Tour with seven internationally-inspired burgers. Hard Rock’s culinary team tapped inspiration from Argentina, Spain, England, Columbia, South Korea, and the good ol’ U.S.A. for the 2017 lineup of the World Burger Tour.

The Daily Meal recently had the chance to sample a few of these burgers, and each and every one truly packs a punch.

For instance, the Kimchi Burger (inspired by Seoul, South Korea) doesn’t hold back when it comes to the spice, with a Sriracha-infused kimchi slaw, which holds just the right amount of fiery heat and crunch to balance out the big, meaty beef patty. There’s also the Colombian Plantain Burger (inspired by Cartagena, Columbia), which features familiar flavors such as caramelized onions, bacon, and Monterey Jack cheese. What sets this particular burger apart, however, is the introduction of fried plantain, which adds a mild sweetness and an extra bit of meatiness to this burger. For folks who have never had a plantain before, prepare to fall in love with this cousin of the banana.

Hard Rock Cafe

New Orleans Jambalaya Burger

Our favorite burger, however, comes from the Big Easy. The Jambalaya Burger (inspired by Louisiana) features a spicy Cajun mayonnaise and pepper jack cheese, but the heat only provides waves of flavor instead of overpowering the more subtly flavored ingredients, including a rice cake and tangy pickles. And, because no burger is really complete until it contains another protein, there’s some perfectly smoky andouille sausage that completes the package.

If you can’t tell, each and every one of these burgers is packed to full capacity with toppings, so be sure to bring your appetite and a bag that can handle a to-go container — because these burgers are seriously delicious, and you don’t want them to go to waste.