Burger King Cheesy Tots Are Back and Not Just For Lunch Anymore

The Daily Meal staff gives an honest review

Fast food fans begged for Burger King to bring back Cheesy Tots and now, as of August 17, they’ve returned to the menu. The snack-size bites are described as a combination of warm potatoes and melty cheese inside with a crispy outside. Customers last saw this discontinued item in November 2016, and, according to a press release, they’re available again for a limited-time only. The chain has even added them to the breakfast menu. An 8-piece order will set you back $1.99.

Why do Cheesy Tots keep coming back like the cheesy ghost of BK’s past? Are they magical? Delicious? The chain sent some over to The Daily Meal so we could try them for ourselves.

cheesy tots

The Daily Meal

Upon first bite, the outside was nice and crispy with a hint of cornmeal in the coating. The potatoes were cooked to perfection and the cheese tasted American, “but wasn’t exactly ‘cheesy’” and the product tasted “more like a hash brown than a tot.” Our cheese-loving editor-in-chief Susan Houriet pronounced them "delicious, but not cheesy enough." Other staffers unanimously agreed. Some of us gave an electric thumbs-up, fully prepared to add them to a list of road trip treats. Others claimed to have also liked them, but didn’t deem them a necessary part of a BK meal.


In conclusion, we thought the tots needed a little more cheese. And if you, like us, also enjoy an indulgent cheesy dish, you should check out the 34 gooiest, creamiest, most over-the-top macaroni and cheese recipes.