McDonald’s Tests Out Tater Tots Mere Weeks After Burger King Releases Cheesy Tots

McDonald’s announces the release of hash brown bites, aka tater tots, two weeks after Burger King brings back cheesy tots

Call them what you want, McDonald’s, but they’re still tater tots.

After decades of fast-food innovation, there’s one thing we can still count on: a good, old-fashioned rivalry between McDonald’s and Burger King.  McDonald’s announced it would be testing out hash brown bites, known to the rest of the world as tater tots, at its Australian locations.

The announcement comes mere weeks after Burger King re-released its classic cheesy tots, complete with a throwback Napoleon Dynamite commercial with the original cast.

The tots will be part of the lunch menu Down Under in the “Summer Sides Box,” which includes eight Hash Brown Bites, eight Chicken McNuggets, 12 Chicken McBites, and three dipping sauces, according to FoodBeast. (Australia is currently in its summer season right now.)


We’re crossing our fingers that McDonald’s will bring tater tots to the States by the time our summer rolls around.