‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Cast Reunites in Burger King’s Cheesy Tots Ad

‘Napoleon Dynamite’ stars reunite in a new Burger King commercial advertising the return of cheesy tater tots

“Cheesy tots are back, gosh!”

Your mom goes to Burger King! The stars of the cult classic film Napoleon Dynamite have reunited for the first time on screen since the quirky movie’s popularity peaked in 2004. Burger King’s newest commercial starring Napoleon Dynamite actors Jon Heder (“Napoleon Dynamite”) and Efren Ramirez (“Pedro”) features the return of a favorite menu item: cheesy tater tots.

In the commercial, the two co-stars recreate one of the most memorable scenes from Napoleon Dynamite. Yes, we’re talking about the cafeteria scene with the tater tots. Nostalgic film fans will fall in cringe all over again as Heder asks Ramirez if he’s going to eat all of his tater tots, before proceeding to take all of them and even snatching a tot out of Ramirez’s hand.

In a nod to the return of the popular movie scene and the tots, which disappeared from menus a couple of years ago, a voiceover then says, “They’re back!” before cutting to an image of the cheesy tots.

You can watch the commercial below: