Buffalo Wild Wings Announces Salted Caramel Barbecue Wings For Summer

Summer is always a good time to wing it in the kitchen, and Buffalo Wild Wings is taking that to a sweet extreme. The chain's new limited-edition summer menu, available now through August 19,is bringing back salted caramel barbecue wings. The summer menu describes the warm-weather option as adding a hint of caramel and salt to the chain's honey barbecue sauce.

Hot sauce fanatic Scott Roberts reviewed the BWW salted caramel barbecue sauce in 2014, and Buffalo Wild Wings confirms that this is the same sauce that's returned for summer.

Diners seem to like it.

"Although it has been available for a short time, we've received great feedback from fans about the new salted caramel barbecue sauce, as it satisfies both sweet and savory cravings," a company spokesperson told The Daily Meal.

Another new BWW sauce for the summer is Korean barbecue, described as a blend of soy sauce, red chili pepper, rice vinegar, and garlic.

The new sauces and other additions to the summer menu play off a rivalry theme, with the salted caramel wings celebrating "the tension between sweet and salty." The chain will also offer dueling East and West Coast brews (Samuel Adams New England IPA and Lagunitas IPA, respectively) and summertime cocktails served either frozen or on the rocks.

Also new to the summer menu are over-the-top nachos, a wing sampler offering three sauces and three sides, and three new sandwiches.

Salted caramel may not sound like a natural fit with chicken wings, but as one Twitter user points out, sweet and savory work well for chicken and syrup-drizzled waffles.

"BWW is coming out with salted caramel wings next month and my gut reaction was disgust," wrote Matthew J. Sanchez. "Then I remembered how much maple syrup I douse over chicken & waffles and how much I love it. Basically I'm saying I'm ready, BWW."

Salted caramel is accustomed to cozying up with other foods. Salted caramel Pepsi had some Twitter users bubbling over with disbelief in late 2017, and salted caramel Oreos hit Walmart last summer. But that's far from the craziest flavor combo out there, and salted caramel wings seem downright mild compared to some of the craziest potato-chip flavors.