We Can’t Wait to Try These Tempting New Oreo Flavors

Oreo Thins is coming out with two new flavors exclusive to Walmart: salted caramel and coconut

‘Oreo Thins’ sounds healthier, so we’ll feel better scarfing down an entire sleeve.

Two summers ago, Oreo forever revolutionized the structure of America’s most famous cookie by introducing Oreo Thins, a thinner cookie with a cracker-like consistency and fewer calories per cookie. Now they are releasing new Oreo Thins flavors in the coming months, available exclusively at Walmart: salted caramel and coconut, two flavors that have (surprisingly) never been released for regular Oreos.

The news comes from the all-knowing Instagrammer @TheJunkFoodAisle, who announced the news earlier this week. It looks like the salted caramel Oreo Thin is made with golden cookies, while the coconut flavor has the traditional (albeit skinnier) chocolate cookie.

Walmart confirmed the release of the product but was cryptic as to when we’ll start seeing it on shelves.


"I can confirm that Walmart will sell both the Coconut and Salted Caramel Oreo Thins. We can’t wait for them to hit our store shelves,” a Walmart spokesperson told Teen Vogue.