Brussels Sprout Cake Pops, José Andrés Trolls Trump: The 10 Best April Fools' Jokes Involving Food

A compilation of the greatest pranks from April 1

April Fools’ Day fell on Easter Sunday this year, but that didn’t stop pranksters from partaking in plenty of shenanigans during the 2018 holiday festivities. While some tricks were essentially harmless, others were downright distasteful. From homemade faux-treats to commercial gimmicks, there was a surplus of great gags on April 1. Here are the best ones:

Cadbury Crème… Grapes?

Twitter user Saman Shad shared a photo of the funny business she gifted her children: green grapes disguised with Cadbury Crème Egg wrappers.

“It maybe [sic] Easter but it’s also #AprilFoolsDay at our house – kids got these special Easter eggs,” the Australian wrote. The kids got her back by making “brownies,” for their parents.

“They made us brownies (brown-E’s) in return,” Shad wrote.

No word on how her children reacted to the grapes, but this isn’t the first time a kid has received a fruit on holiday. One of the most famous cases first went viral on Vine after a toddler was filmed unwrapping an avocado. He smiles and proudly says, “An avocado! Thanks!”

Faux-Mayonnaise Redditor

A pair of sports fans were recently caught on camera eating spoonfuls of mayo, but redditor @narcolepsyinc isn’t that brave. Instead, the father filled an empty jar with pudding to fool his kids into thinking he was eating the eggy condiment.

“Using a prank idea from Askreddit, I put vanilla pudding in a mayonnaise jar. My kids were horrified as I ate it while watching them open their Easter presents,” he wrote in a post.

“You even have the eyes of a man who’s lost all hope. The kind of man I would expect to actually be eating mayo from the jar,” @Kuni64 replied.

“That’s what three kids does to you,” @bawthedude wrote, to which @PuppetMaster 189 piggybacked, “Can confirm; have three kids and look just like this.”

Then @Mehoo, who’s actually had a run-in with a mayonnaise eater, said, “My dad actually eats mayonnaise out of the jar. For unrelated reasons he doesn’t live with us anymore… Maybe slightly related.”

Truffle Imposters

Easter is traditionally filled with sugary treats, except for when the holiday falls on April Fools’ Day. One trickster mom took it upon herself to create a “healthier” version of chocolate truffles.

“These ‘treats’ my mom made for Easter/April Fools',” the redditor wrote, accompanied by a photo of chocolate-and-sprinkle-covered Brussels sprouts.

Another user vented about a similar devilish incident that left him feeling slightly irate.

“Well my a-hole brother in law just had his daughter give us cake balls… they were deviled eggs covered in icing,” @clarky2o2o recalled.

But one person actually thought the mashup looked appealing.

“I’d devour that shit,” @kushwizard6 wrote. To each their own.

These Are Not Cake Pops

Another person’s mom made Brussels sprouts “cake pops,” and took them to family dinner.

“Since Easter is on April Fools’ Day my mom got Brussels sprouts and chocolate covered them to look like cake pops and we took them to our family Easter tonight,” @carlee_whitaker wrote on Twitter.

She also filmed the reactions of people present at the meal. The first victim was fooled, but not upset. In a second video, a small boy bites the chocolate icing off to reveal “green stuff,” and decides to bite into it again anyway.

José Andrés

Humanitarian-cook José Andrés has a semi-hostile relationship with the president because they don’t see eye-to-eye on a number of political topics. The 48-year-old Spanish-American chef tagged 45 in a tweet to mock him about declining a position within the White House.

“I’m thankful to @potus @realdonaldtrump for offering me the position of Secretary of Tourism Travel and Food, but unfortunately I must say no, for basic disagreements on everything… specially on issues related to food, travel and tourism,” Andrés wrote on Twitter.

The two have butted heads for years, especially after Hurricane Maria, when Andrés opined that Trump wasn’t doing much to help disaster-stricken Puerto Rico. The chef’s World Central Kitchen led the efforts to feed the island's people.

Expired Dairy

In a series of tweets, Source Code director Duncan Jones wrote an elaborate fictional account about how expired sour cream left him hallucinating in a hospital bed. The 46-year-old made claims that he could smell colors and that there was a “committee of mice” standing on his chest, “entreating me to act as their champion in a duel to the death with a young owl by the name of Quintus Foulbeard.”

Jones, who hails from London, wrote that he had 16 toes and inquired about how many legs a person should have. He claimed that the spoiled sour cream in his belly was speaking to him. He also started ranting about recipes, the similarities between football and rugby (“they’re both a bunch of balls”), and something called “Bacterium Magistratus,” among several other nonsensical things.

After asking the rest of Twitter to tweet him similar messages, he said, “APRIL FOOLS YOU DAFT GITS! Sour cream can’t talk!”

Moral of the story? Don’t eat expired sour cream.


April Fools’ 2018 is all about mom jokes — @chloemackay was pranked by hers after she was led to believe that the family bathroom was facing piping problems.

“Did you notice anything in the bathroom this morning there’s a leak in it?” Mackay’s mom asked via text message.

“Nope nothing, I just brushed my teeth and that’s it, where’s the leak?” Mackay inquired.

“In the bath,” her mom wrote back with a photo of an actual leek (the vegetable) in the tub.

“Your mom’s got dad jokes,” @f_diggity replied.

And @Harry_Buchanan chimed in to say he’d experienced a similar prank from his own parents.

“My mum & dad done this when I first started plumbing first month of work. Thought they were funny,” he said.

Broken Phone

Yelp took the opportunity to spook app users by faking a cracked phone screen. In the middle of ordering takeout, some people were made to believe that their glass had shattered. The app then suggested nearby phone repair shops.

Cheddar reporter Alex Heath shared a screenshot of the antic on Twitter, showing a popup that read: “With Yelp, phone repair is just a search away. Busted screens are no joke, even on April Fools’ Day.”

Bath Stuff

Lush Cosmetics “released” a “refreshing vegan stout” beer bomb. People got really excited about this one, and apparently couldn’t wait to soak in beer-scented water.

“LUSH JUST RELEASED BEER BATH BOMBS THAT COME IN A 6 PACK AND YOU MUST BE 21+ TO PURCHASE IT,” @bittervato raved shortly before finding she’d been duped. On the plus side, the brand does have a stout shampoo.

SodaStream pulled a similar stunt with consumers, claiming it’d created “SodaSoak” — a product that would allow bathers to turn their tub water into seltzer. Bed Bath & Beyond was “selling” the item on its website.

Were you fooled on April 1? Things aren’t always what they seem, and if you don’t believe us, check out these 10 dishes that aren’t what they look like.

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