Sports Fans Eating Spoonfuls of Mayo Cause Internet Freakout

Great or gross?

A video of two women enjoying spoonfuls of mayonnaise at a sporting event has gone viral because people are so grossed out by it — and because some people believe that it might be a hoax.

The gag-inducing footage was captured during a basketball game between the Detroit Pistons and the Sacramento Kings on March 19. 

The video clip tweeted by ESPN shows two women sharing a jar of Best Foods mayonnaise. One of the fans shows off the jar to the camera before taking a big spoonful of the goopy white condiment and plunging it into her mouth. The other accepts a spoonful reluctantly, but then nods in agreement that yes, it was tasty. Are you throwing up yet?

Twitter has responded with disgust and suspicion.

“I like mayo but this is making me nauseous,” tweeted Philly Intrepidus.

“It’s almost unbearable to watch a kings game as is. Now add on mayonnaise eating. Gross,” wrote William Prince.

But some people believe that the whole thing was a gag done with either vanilla pudding or yogurt to attract attention from the jumbotron.

“It’s most likely vanilla pudding. It’s just like how people put blue Gatorade in a Windex bottle,” theorized Smitty W.

“People gonna do anything to go viral. That’s yogurt,” claimed Olivia Leyton.

“10 bucks it’s yogurt,” wrote Shawn Cooper.

Whether you believe it or not, these gals were eating something out of a mayo tub — and that’s just nasty. Looking to get even more grossed out? Check out the 10 foods you thought were gross when you were a kid.