Chef José Andrés Sends a Message to Trump in a Series of Viral Tweets

Andrés is currently aiding disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico, where the president has yet to make an appearance

After Hurricane Harvey wrecked the Gulf Coast, chef José Andrés arrived in Houston to feed thousands of hungry Texans. Now, the 48-year-old is in Puerto Rico to help citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, and he has a message for President Donald Trump.

In a series of tweets now trending on Twitter, Andrés wrote: “If I was @realDonaldTrump I would give gas to the bigger bakeries, fully functioning, so their trucks can deliver bread around the island.”

“If I was @realDonaldTrump I would be in Puerto Rico to lead no more than 2 days after the disaster….”

“If I was @realDonaldTrump I would not attack a leader that has work non stop [sic] for her people.”

“If I was @realDonaldTrump I would make sure every single hospital had food to feed the employees working 24/7 to keep them going.”

“If I was @realDonaldTrump I will praise in a tweet the thousands of volunteers organizing on their own to contribute to the efforts.”

On his Twitter, Trump claims he is planning to arrive in Puerto Rico with his wife Melania on Tuesday, October 3 — 13 days after the tropical storm devastated the island. This message came after a controversial thread of tweets reprimanding the mayor of San Juan’s “poor leadership skills” over local workers and citizens who “want everything to be done for them” when disaster relief “should be a community effort.”


Andrés’ charity work and activism in recent weeks has encouraged many others to do what they can to help out those affected by disasters in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, making a strong case to be considered one of the most inspiring food stories of 2017.