Ben & Jerry's Just Made A Flavor Exclusively For Singletons

Ben and Jerry's is known for their creative flavor combinations and even more clever ice cream names. Plus, it seems like they make a new flavor for every occasion — even for those occasions  you might officially opt out of, like Valentine's Day if you're solo. Yes, the brand has released a recipe for a new ice cream concoction, and it's made specifically for single people on the most romantic holiday of the year. The best part is: You can make it at home. Alone.

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"Delicious Uncoupling" is the name of the Ben & Jerry's recipe, and it includes cookie milk ice cream, chocolate ice cream, shortbread cookies, and chocolate chunks. The recipe was made especially for HuffPost, but they've posted it online for the benefit of lonely hearts everywhere. It's not a flavor, per se, so you won't find it in pints at the grocery store — but following the recipe at home might help you pass the time on, say, the evening of February 14.

The recipe recommends you use one to two scoops of cookie milk ice cream, two scoops of chocolate ice cream, and top it all off with cookies and chocolate chunks. They urge you to "indulge until your heart is content!" It serves one. *sob*

Because you can make it at home while you're marathoning rom-coms or slasher movies (whatever floats your single person Valentine's Day boat), it's truly customizable. Plus, with all that ice cream it won't be hard to have a good time on Valentine's Day even if you're single.