Ayesha Curry Adds This Controversial Ingredient To Her Guacamole, And Twitter Is Not Having It

After an appearance on "Ellen" this week, celebrity chef Ayesha Curry has stirred up some controversy with her recipe for guacamole. Fans and foodies alike are questioning the inclusion of an interesting ingredient: cheese

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"The way my guacamole works — and I think it's the best guacamole — is I add a lot of fixins into it," Curry told Ellen DeGeneres and actress Jennifer Aniston, who was also a guest on the show, after making them some of her mango lemonade cocktail.

While the guac was made with the typical avocados, as well as fresh garlic, red onion, cilantro, lime juice, and salt and pepper to taste, Curry's addition of Havarti cheese earned a simultaneous "Whoa!" from DeGeneres and Aniston, who looked more intrigued than disgusted. 

Twitter, however, had other things to say. 

"Listen girl... and anyone else who vandalizes guac...it ain't guac if you put anything other than the normal ingredients in there," said Twitter user @kingbre10. 

Curry, who is married to six-time NBA All-Star Steph Curry, shared that she likes to make protein-heavy foods for her husband before his games. One of those games, Game 3 of the NBA finals, was being played that night. One Twitter user suggested she take to the stage at halftime.

"[Why] not capitalize on [Ayesha Curry's] presence and give her the floor to show the crowd how she puts havarti in her guac LIKE A SICKO," tweeted user @lauraopreaa. 

Not everyone disapproved, however. Some people shared that they do the same, and others were intrigued.

"I don't know how I feel about it but I also know I would eat it," said Twitter user @VirginiaIsaad.

"She's not the only one," tweeted user @VitoConte2. "Nothing controversial about it. Real recognize real."

Havarti, a semi-soft Danish cheese made from cow's milk, is one of the top cheeses you should try. While it is up for debate whether or not one should include cheese in the avocado-based dip, the sweet and buttery havarti cheese has an acidic taste that could go well with the other ingredients of an amazing guacamole recipe.

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