Arby's New Seared Duck Sandwich Is Topped With Smoked Cherry Sauce

There aren't many available, though

The sandwich will be offered for a limited time only starting October 20.

Apparently it’s hunting season, and Arby’s is capitalizing on it with a particularly fowl new seared duck sandwich. According to a release, the artisanal menu item features a “premium” duck breast, smoked cherry sauce and crispy fried onions on a signature Arby’s bun.

The chain teased the new offering on Twitter with a picture of a duck call and two decoys, both of which are wearing the Arby’s hat — or Pharrell’s famous Grammy's hat, you decide. The photo caption says: “Prepping for our next surprising sandwich.”

The Best Sandwich in Every State

Not everyone will be able to take a quack out of this one, though. It’s available at only 16 restaurants in the U.S., and it will be served in very limited quantities. The super exclusive batch supposedly symbolizes the “dedication and patience” hunters are required to have in the marsh, “chasing the sunrise to set their decoys” and await their prey. It'll surely be a hit, considering the brand's wildly successful venison sandwich sold out within hours.


Starting October 20, fans can get Arby’s new seared duck sandwich in these cities while supplies last: Cambridge, Maryland; Summerville, South Carolina; Wyomissing, Pennsylvania; Atlanta; Pearland, Texas; Kalispell, Montana; Great Bend, Kansas; Lincoln, Nebraska; Marshall, Missouri; Jonesboro, Arkansas; Lafayette, Louisiana; Onalaska, Wisconsin; Carson City, Nevada; Brigham City, Utah; Chico, California; and Happy Valley, Oregon. To see each participating restaurant’s street address, click here. If you’re inclined to, get Arby’s new duck sandwich while you can before it joins the ranks of these discontinued fast food items we miss the most.