America’s Best Steakhouse Side Dishes

Where to find the country’s best version of 10 classic steakhouse side dishes

Strip House's Crisp Goose-Fat Potatoes are the stuff of legend. 

The main draw of any steakhouse is, obviously, the steak. But just because customers are going to be dropping 70 bucks or more on a 22-ounce dry-aged ribeye doesn’t mean that the side dishes need to take a back seat. Thankfully, more and more steakhouses are elevating traditional sides to stratospheric heights these days, and we’ve tracked down where you can find the most delicious versions of 10 classic side dishes.

America’s Best Steakhouse Side Dishes Gallery

Macaroni and cheese, thick-cut bacon, fried potatoes, creamed corn, onion rings, shrimp cocktail, vegetables, creamed spinach, crab cakes, and homemade bread are all classic steak accompaniments served by many steakhouses, but if you’ve been to your fair share of steakhouses you know that their quality can vary wildly. Macaroni and cheese can be greasy and flavorless, creamed spinach can be a gloopy mess, crab cakes can be more mayo and bread crumbs than crab. But among the middling masses, there are some very bright lights.

Excellent side dishes tend to come as a pleasant surprise to diners, who aren’t usually accustomed to a truly delicious creamed spinach, for example, but they’re becoming more and more commonplace these days. Some steakhouse chefs are using the “Sides” section of the menu to flex their creative muscles a bit, using it as a venue for some unexpected twists, like gnocchi in Parmesan cream sauce or charred broccoli with miso butter, but for the most part, when you order a side dish at a steakhouse you know exactly what you’re getting to get. Whether it’ll be the best you’ve ever had? Not so obvious.


So read on to learn which steakhouses from across the country serve the absolute best versions of ten classic steakhouse sides. Order any of these, and you can rest assured that you’ll be getting something that some real thought and care went into; throwaways these aren’t. Steakhouses pay so much attention to making sure their steaks are as good as can be, so why not the sides as well?