10 Groceries You Should Always Buy At Aldi Gallery

You already know The Daily Meal is obsessed with Aldi. The supermarket chain has some excellent items for budget-friendly prices. There are some items that are such a good deal it would seem ridiculous to shop for them anywhere else. Why pay more for the same thing when you can get it all at Aldi for less?

The Daily Meal has selected 10 items that you should always buy at Aldi because they're a better value than anything you can find on the shelves of your local supermarket. From award-winning wine to super-cheap cartons of eggs to great value packs of snacks, you shouldn't buy these things anywhere else. But while you're shopping, we understand temptation might set in. Don't worry, even impulse treats such as Aldi's ice cream are cheaper than regular supermarket prices.

The next time you go supermarket shopping, make sure to get the 10 groceries you should always buy at Aldi.


You can find 100-calorie nut snack packs, boxes of fruit roll-ups, packs of snack cakes, and more at Aldi. Frequently these value packs are a better deal than buying one regular item, and you get more food!


You already know Aldi sells award-winning wine for less money than some restaurants charge for a corkage fee. You should definitely be checking out the wine section at Aldi for delicious and budget-friendly wine.

Cereal Dupes

Aldi has an amazing cereal selection, full of name brand dupes. Plus, many of the dupes are made with better-for-you ingredients like natural dyes and no added sugar.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is still super trendy. If you're putting it on your hair, your skin, or in your food, then you should definitely be getting it from Aldi, where it costs less than competitors Trader Joe's and Kroger.

Organic Pasta

You can find many different varieties of pasta at Aldi. From whole grain to crazy shapes to imported varieties from Italy! All for a budget-friendly price.

Canned Goods

Aldi's canned goods section is massive and affordable. Select anything from canned soups to canned vegetables to even canned bread from their shelves!


Surprisingly, Aldi has a fantastic selection of tortillas. Shop flour, corn, and gluten-free, from different brands.


Aldi sells cheap, good produce. Berries are typically pretty pricey elsewhere, but at Aldi, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, are always a good deal.


You can buy a carton of eggs at Aldi for less than a dollar! Why wouldn't you buy your eggs there?

Bottled Water

If your family drinks bottled water, Aldi sells cases of it for a low price. It may not be a brand you recognize, but it's enough water to keep you and your family hydrated. Worried your kids aren't drinking enough water? Here are 10 signs of dehydration — and how to hydrate fast.

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