Eat (And Drink) Your Rum This Thanksgiving

For some, the right booze can be just as important as the turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving Day. Too many relatives, or not enough, in one room can be made easier with a cocktail in hand. While you have the liquor on hand, though, adding it to some of your recipes could take them to the next level.

Top Chef's Hugh Acheson has partnered with Captain Morgan to perfect a few great boozy recipes for the holidays. "There's a good flexibility [with rum]; it's a great culinary beverage," Acheson told us, adding, "It's so 'Thanksgiving going into Christmas,' with nuances of cinnamon and anise that are so typical of this time of year." As Acheson has some Caribbean heritage, cooking with rum was a natural fit for him. Captain Morgan and Acheson have partnered to benefit WhyHunger by asking folks 21 and up to share their recipes and tips using the hashtag #CaptainsTable. Every time they do, Captain Morgan will donate $1 to the charity.

The spice in rum works naturally with the flavors of the holidays. Try one of Captain Morgan's cocktail recipes, or just add a splash to a mug of hot apple cider, and make any of these dishes to create a surefire hit this Thanksgiving.

Click here for the Cape Corsair Recipe.

Click here for the Captain Morgan Toffee Pudding with Rum-Maple Sauce and Yogurt Recipe.

Click here for the Starboard Sour recipe.