An Easy Thanksgiving Menu

The countdown to Thanksgiving is on, and many of us are already feeling the heat. Thanksgiving doesn't have to be a stressful event to host. In fact, your Thanksgiving menu, from the turkey to the Thanksgiving desserts, can be as simple and easy as any other festive dinner. A Thanksgiving menu just needs a few dishes to be considered classic and delicious. This menu features dishes that have a minimum number of ingredients and maximal flavor. They're all recipes for an extremely flavorful Thanksgiving your guests will never forget.

Mayonnaise Roasted Turkey


Inspired by She Wears Many Hats, and armed with a cause (feeding The Daily Meal's staff during its inaugural potluck Thanksgiving), we set out undaunted by the idea of trying a first-time recipe as the main event for a communal feast. After all, we were armed with The Daily Meal's Guide to Thanksgivingthe Thanksgiving Survival Guide, and the Turkey SOS Guides (which include guides to temperatures, cooking times, and emergency solutions), so how could things go wrong? We used our convection oven, but you can use the turkey cooking times for a conventional oven for the recipe too. And everything came out picture perfect. The following recipe for a 16- to 18-pound turkey was a hit. Best of all, it was quick and genuinely easy. Just mayonnaise, herbs, seasoning, some celery, and onion. That's all!

-       Arthur Bovino

Classic Cornbread Stuffing

easy thanksgiving menu

This stuffing recipe takes just half an hour to bake — plus an extra few minutes for browning. Using cornbread instead of regular white bread gives this stuffing just a taste of something different. It's subtle enough to let the classic flavors of stuffing shine through, yet still makes it just a little different.

-       Annie Dolce

Thanksgiving Garlic Mashed Potatoes

thanksgiving menu

Even though we're all supposed to swoon over the turkey, everyone knows that Thanksgiving sides are what make the meal. And garlic mashed potatoes, whether they're served on Thanksgiving or not, make a delicious, homey side. Your friends and family will rave over this super creamy, super flavorful Thanksgiving garlic mashed potato recipe. Add or subtract as much garlic as you like to match your personal preference.

Green Bean Casserole

thanksgiving menu

Extremely simple and extremely flavorful, this dish is a must for Thanksgiving dinner! Enjoy at Thanksgiving or all year long, either way, the simple combination of fried onions, green beans, and mushroom soup makes for a magical combination.

Signature Pumpkin Pie

thanksgiving menu

The reviews are in — everyone is raving about this fabulously easy pumpkin pie. Make it even more festive by serving it with large dollop of freshly whipped cream.