Easy Thanksgiving Appetizer Recipes

These Thanksgiving Appetizers are perfect for pre-feast noshing
Thanksgiving Appetizer
Patti Stagich

If dinner is taking a long time to cook, have these easy Thanksgiving appetizers ready to go!

Pulling off a perfect Thanksgiving feast is not as simple as stuffing a turkey and letting it roast for a few hours. You have to not only think about your turkey’s trimmings, but your guests' palates as well.

While the turkey tends to steal the show, it is the holiday sides and the appetizers that really make the meal. This is where you can get creative in your own kitchen and bring a wide variety of flavor to your table.

Appetizers on Thanksgiving aren’t terribly common, but if you’re having a late dinner (or are just having issues with the turkey) it is good to have a few appetizer recipes ready to go on this special holiday. They need to be fast, easy, and above all: delicious. We pulled together a few Thanksgiving appetizer ideas that will make your guests smile and keep them satiated until it is Thanksgiving dinner time.

Thanksgiving Tossed Salad Recipe

thanksgiving appetizer

The fruit-Infused Thanksgiving salad is a favorite among the chefs at Tossed. This simple yet flavorful salad adds a refreshingly healthy bite to any Thanksgiving celebration.

Thanksgiving Day Fries

thanksgiving appetizer

Thanks to chef Isaac Stewart of Atlanta's CinéBistro, fries have a place on the Thanksgiving table now, too. These holiday-themed taters are seasoned with cinnamon and candied pecans and then doused in a rich marshmallow cream.

Stuffing-Stuffed Mushrooms

thanksgiving appetizer

The turkey and dressing get all the attention on Thanksgiving, but it's the sides that really make the meal. This is a favorite stuffed mushroom recipe that we have every Thanksgiving. Instead of regular breadcrumbs for the stuffing, why not use stuffing?

Apple-Nut Blue Cheese Tartlets

thanskgiving appetizer

These treats are both savory and sweet. They can be served as appetizers or snacks. 

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