What The World's Most Famous People Drink Every Night Gallery

It's not always Champagne and vodka sodas for these stars (except for the few for whom, well, it is). Many of the world's most famous people wind down for the night with a big tall glass of water or detoxifying green tea.

Many celebs won't admit to having a glass or three of wine after a long day (they've got to keep up that pristine façade!) but luckily, there are a few momagers, actors, and singers who like to get real about their nighttime affair with adult grape juice. After tons of careful research, Instagram trolling, and Twitter stalking, we have compiled a list of what the world's most famous people drink every night.

While some celebs definitely seem like the type to chug water before bed, you may be surprised to see who indulges in whiskey sours, who drinks late-night Diet Cokes, and who totally can't handle wine anymore and had to switch to something more soothing, like tequila. 

Queen Elizabeth II

As previously reported by The Daily Meal, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II drinks a glass of Champagne every night before bed. True to form, she opts for respected old-school bubbly brands like Bollinger, Krug, Lanson, and Pol Roger. At lunch she enjoys a gin and Dubonnet (a sweet, wine-based aperitif) with a slice of lemon on the rocks.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston revealed to Shape that she drinks 100 ounces of water a day. "I carry one [water bottle] with me all day, and at night I drink a tall glass," she said.


The Weight Watchers spokeswoman doesn't let their points system get in the way of having a daily glass of wine — or three. "Listen, I have had 12 points of wine [three glasses] and one shrimp [plus vegetables] for dinner. That was a really good dinner," she told People.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The Queen of all things Goop doesn't limit herself when it comes to a daily glass of wine. During an Instagram series with InStyle magazine in which editor in chief Laura Brown attempts to "be" Gwyneth, Paltrow admits the only way to truly be her is to drink a glass of red wine. "This is actually exactly how to be Gwyneth Paltrow: pinot noir," she says while pouring Brown a glass.

Ina Garten

Ina Garten indulges in nightly whiskey sours with her husband, Jeffrey. "We [have] whiskey sours to drink, made with Knob Creek bourbon and lots of freshly-squeezed lemons and limes — not sour mix," she told The Kitchn.

Donald Trump

The current president of the United States of America consumes 12 cans of Diet Coke per day, according to The New York Times. Here's what 10 nutritionists have to say about that.

Kris Jenner

We all may be working hard, but Kris Jenner is working harder. The mother of six has momagered all of her adult children to megafame, and so she relaxes every night with a glass (or several) of wine. "My mom has a drink every night with dinner. That's her thing, and that's what she loves to do," daughter Khloe spilled to Us Weekly. After a day of putting out tabloid fires, pregnancy news, and intra-marital dramas can you blame her??

Tyra Banks

It was revealed that model Tyra Banks relies on green tea to help her stay in top model shape. Find out which are the best-tasting (and healthiest) bottled green teas, here.

Diane Keaton

Apparently, Diane Keaton is making red wine on ice a thing. After launching her own line of red wine called "The Keaton," the Annie Hall icon has been telling everyone that she loves to indulge in her red wine over ice. "It is true I only drink my wine over ice," she said to People. "I used to go on the balcony to cool down since my apartment didn't have A.C., and one day I thought about trying it on ice. It has stuck ever since then."

Nigella Lawson

British kitchen goddess Nigella Lawson drinks tea all day long, even at night. Good Housekeeping UK reported that the cookbook author consumes 12 cups of hot tea a day. "I like it very strong with some milk in it, and I have to have it at the optimum temperature, which is just after it's too hot but before it gets anywhere near room temperature," she said.

Meghan Markle

As if we needed another reason to adore Meghan Markle. She's a total wine mom! The soon to be royal told The New Potato that her evening beverage of choice is a glass of wine. "God, do I love wine — a beautiful full red or a crisp white," she said.

Cindy Crawford

"I can't handle wine anymore," Crawford told Harper's Bazaar. "The sulfites make me puffy. We only drink tequila in our house, as my husband started a tequila company, Casamigos." Husband Rande Gerber's Casamigos business partner is none other than George Clooney.

Helen Mirren

"I drink wine, and occasionally I'll drink to excess," Dame Helen Mirren revealed to the press. Mirren also doesn't limit herself when it comes to fried foods. "I eat French fries. Life is too short and too precious."

Barack Obama

Unlike some presidents who caffeinate all day with Diet Cokes, Obama chooses to hydrate. The New York Times chronicled a typical night for Obama. "He rarely drinks coffee or tea, and more often has a bottle of water next to him than a soda. His friends say his only snack at night is seven lightly salted almonds." The eating habits of Presidents Obama and Trump are just so different!


Singer-songwriter Beyoncé loves a dry red wine. She has mentioned the Bordeaux wine Pétrus as a particular favorite. Good thing she stopped sipping that lemonade. We know red wine has all kinds of benefits.