The Weirdest Flavored Vodkas of 2012

Fresh Cut Grass, Electricity, and Apple Pie

Back in October, ODDKA vodkas took odd to a whole new level with its flavors. While wasabi-flavored vodka was really nothing new (Hard Times Distillery had that on a lockdown a while ago), were still not quite sure whether we want to be drinking "electricity" or "fresh cut grass" vodka. Were pretty sure some essences, like that of a freshly cut lawn, should be left to other senses and not put into our cocktail.


Everyone was talking about Van Gogh’s newest flavor of vodka this year — and it wasn’t all a glowing response. Our favorite, from the Cocktail Enthusiast: "The bottle is decorated like the average Willy Wonka factory. Or My Little Pony wallpaper… If that’s your thing, Van Gogh PB&J vodka is hitting store shelves now and retails for about $27. Or a week’s worth of allowance for your average sixth-grader." However, one media report shared this flavor profile of the vodka: "While the fragrance is predominately of peanuts, it is complemented by the fresh fruit aroma of the raspberry. On the tongue, the roles are reversed and the raspberry flavor is more of the focal point, giving it a velvety texture with a hint of vanilla on the side." We’ll take your word for it.

Naga Jolokia Chile

Because if you could brave the confectionary — er, we mean vodka — aisle in the liquor store without feeling sick, there’s a vodka that will literally make you vomit. 2012 brought us the 100,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka, infused with the Naga Jolokia chile — one of the hottest known to man. The Daily Mail reported that the pepper is actually stronger than pepper spray, so if you’re a wimp, just imagine chugging that pepper spray in your purse and you’re set. We still really appreciate the men of Firebox for giving it a try through the tears, because there’s no way we’re trying it.

Waffles and Popcorn

Well, we can think of one pro to this waffle-flavored vodka — if we were ever to meet Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation, we’d instantly become besties over a shot of it. From the Georgi company (which also produces bubble gum- and candy cane-flavored vodkas), the waffle-flavored vodka was introduced to celebrate National Waffle Day. The timing really upset some, like Brock Keeling of SFist. "National Waffle Day was utterly ruined this year after Georgi vodka brand introduced waffle-flavored vodka onto an unsuspecting world." Harsh — wouldn’t you at least want it at a boozy brunch? And no, we can't even process the popcorn flavored vodka.

Glazed Donut

While Georgi may have gotten its hands on National Waffle Day, 360 Vodka got dibs on National Donut Day. The Glazed Donut flavor also came with some donut-themed cocktail recipes, like the Boston Glazed Donut. We can just see it now: Bakon, Waffle, and Glazed Donut vodkas at a brunch bar. Is that a win?

Pumpkin Pie

Back in June, pumpkin pie-flavored vodka was something we thought would be just a pipe dream — much like the foie gras-, Oreo-, and roast chicken-flavored vodkas we dreamed up in our 15 Real (and Fake) Vodka Flavors list. Turns out, Jim Beam was onto us from the start. Pinnacle Vodka (you know, the brand behind the beloved whipped cream flavor) was the first to release the pumpkin pie vodka for the holidays. "Pumpkin Pie is a fantastic addition to our growing portfolio of unique flavors — one that we think offers a fun twist on the classic fall favorite, and keeps us on top of the flavor innovation leader board," said senior director of Pinnacle Vodka, Kim Washington, in a release. We imagine that it must be drunk with the whipped cream flavor to get the full effect, but still — we’d rather have the real deal.

Froot Loops

Turning your favorite childhood cereal into a boozy treat — naturally, we can’t really resist. Three Olives took sugar-filled vodkas to a whole new level with Loopy, the cereal-flavored vodka. You too can make a Loopy Lata or a Loopy Lemonade, because really, breakfast shouldn’t come without a little booze.