Target Introduces 5 New Wines For $9.99 Each

Making a quick trip to Target for cotton balls only? Try again. The retailer has announced an exclusive new line of wines expected to hit stores this March. "The Collection" features five varietals including cabernet sauvignon, a red wine blend, rosé, pinot grigio and chardonnay.

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So how do they taste? According to the retailer, the cabernet sauvignon is dark and dense with notes of black cherry and spice; the red wine blend is well-structured and juicy with mocha, caramel, blackberry and dark chocolate flavors; the rosé is fresh and crisp with floral aromas and strawberry and watermelon tastes; the pinot grigio is medium-bodied and crisp with notes of honeysuckle, melon, white peach and nectarine; and the full-bodied chardonnay has aromas of freshly baked buttered biscuits with flavors of roasted marshmallow.

In addition to The Collection, Target will exclusively welcome a sauvignon blanc varietal to its California Roots line, which currently features chardonnay, pinot grigio, moscato, cabernet sauvignon and a red blend for $5 a bottle. If you prefer your vino in a can, Target's boxed wine, dubbed Wine Cube, will be available in Bubbles Rosé Wine and Bubbles White Wine flavors for $10.99 per four-pack. Lastly, the retailer will launch gluten- and sugar-free Crook & Marker Hard Seltzer drinks in peach, mango, grapefruit, blackberry lime, strawberry lemon, coconut pineapple, tangerine and black cherry for $8.99 per four-pack or $16.99 per eight-pack.

Customers 21 and older can find Target's new adult beverages on shelves starting March 3. Why run to the liquor store when you can find cheap alcohol after aimlessly strolling the aisles for makeup, clothing, home goods, jewelry, and the 10 foods you should always buy at Target. Boozing responsibly on a budget is just one of many reasons to drink a glass of wine every day.